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April 4, 2013


Wow, things must be getting really bad out there if I actually post consecutive entries to this blog.  Figured it was time to post some random thoughts:

1) Still haven't seen Kevin Ware's injury, and don't plan on watching it.

2) Twins just took 2 of 3 from Detroit, with a couple solid pitching performances, actually.  Still expect them to lose 90 games, but it's kinda nice to take the first series.

3) Just when you thought the White Sox couldn't get any less likable...they do this.  They really are the worst.

4) Pitino's boy hired as the Gopher coach.  MCA and I disagree slightly on Tubby's firing, but I think this hire, while risky, has a potentially huge upside.  His limited experience came with Billy Donovan and his Dad.  I can think of worse training grounds.  Also, folks are already saying he'll bolt if he starts winning.  I say, so what.  I'd rather the Gophers be a stepping stone job than a job where guys get fired every 5-6 years.  I didn't realize this, but 2 of the TOP TEN recruits in the nation are Twin Cities guys (Tyus Jones - Apple Valley, Rashard Vaughn - Cooper, I think).

5) Gopher Hockey bounced in the first round of the NCAA tournament?!?  Whaaaat?  By Yale??  Double-whaaaaat?  

6) All quiet on the Vikings front.  Love the Jennings signing, and hoping they can bring Winfield back (looking more and more possible).

7) People are saying the Yankees might finish in last place this season.  How great would that be?  If Boston misses the playoffs too, this could be an entertaining year after all!

OK, boring post is done.  Just trying for some chatter...

March 25, 2013

Tubby Done

Apparently, support within the university and among the fan base was at an all-time low, even though people around the country are snickering and saying that a program like the U has no right to have high expectations, and was lucky to even have Tubby (I disagree, but don't want to digress).  Quite frankly, Tubby never really did much, besides stabilize the program after the Monson debacle.  The players never improved, good players transferred and got better (see Justin Cobbs at Cal and Colton Iverson at Colorado St.), and the team regressed as each year wore on.  I thought the article linked below provided a good take: the team simply didn't consistently compete and play hard.  We weren't expecting Final Fours, but we were hoping for better than 9th in the Big Ten with an experienced team.

February 26, 2013

Well, Tubby lives for one more day

February 3, 2013

AP and CC

Two awards that highlight the talent of the Vikes over the years with no hardware to show for it. However this isn't about my bitterness it's about their greatness. Congrats to both on well deserved honors, I'd they were on the same team we'd have a ring but again I digress.

January 19, 2013

Division 1 Basketball Game

To all I am sorry I have been non-existent. I never thought I would be the next LH. I have missed AP, The Gophers, Royce White...I could go on and on. Exciting times compared to recent years.

This past fall I began my MBA at Kennesaw St. At the time, I relayed to Jan that Kaplan should make a poster of me, posing with my hands on my hips while looking ever some handsomely at the camera with the caption "I got a XXX on the GMAT 10 years ago and I got into Kennesaw St." A deal has not been struck as of yet. 

Anyway, Kennesaw St plays D-1 hoops. As part of the Atlantic Sun conference, the winner of the conference tournament receives an automatic bid for the big dance, so we are talking big time hoops.  The last couple of years the bid has gone to Belmont, who has moved onto another conference.  Admittance is free to all students. I took my daughter up there today to see the 2-16 KSU Owls host the 5-14 East Tennessee State Buccaneers. The arena was nice and seemed new. Capacity at the Convocation Center is 4000 and change. I guessed the attendance was 1000 and was only two people off as the actual was 1002. We were in the front row (general admission) behind the basket. The stands are elevated with the first row being about 5 feet off the ground. Being behind the basket we were frequently on the Jumbotron (obvious over exaggeration). I am not sure if this amused her or me more. Scrappy the Owl said hello and reached up for a high five. The game had all the promotions you might find at a Flint Tropics game: the shot from half court for a shopping spree at the bookstore, the promise of a free taco from Del Taco if the Owls scored 70 and a free throw contest between the mayor of Kennesaw and the athletic director.

ETSU controlled the game start to finish. They had more size inside as well as sharpshooting from beyond the arc. I was surprised to see they only had 5 wins on the year. I thought they would be better as they are one of the few teams, along with Mercer, from the Atlantic Sun conference that I recognized. Ever heard of South Carolina St Upstate or Lipscomb? I hadn't. We had a good time and we will definitely go back. Good clean family fun at the right price ($6 for her plus concessions).  Go Owls! Someday when KSU makes the tournament, I will be able to sit back and talk about how I was there when they only won a few games in those early years after having made the jump from D-2 (2004 Men's basketball champs, the only banner in the arena).

This brings my basketball arena total up to 5:  Northwestern 4 games, Iowa 2 games (maybe 1 or 2 more), Minnesota 1, Georgia Tech 1 and now KSU 1.

How awesome is the ETSU logo? The buccaneer totally looks like a Scooby Doo villain.

January 11, 2013

Your Minnesota Golden Gopher Hoops Team

Fellas - It's time to take a moment and reflect on the first half of the season for your Minnesota Gopher basketball team.  I know I know...they've started strong before and completely collapsed, capped by a 1st round NCAA loss, or worse yet, an NIT bid.  This team feels different, though...after all, they just went into the "Champaign room" and beat a top 15 Illini team (who is vastly overrated, but still a quality win).  That's just their 3rd win there in literally 25+ years.

To recap, the Gophers are ranked in the top 10.  I repeat, the Gophers are ranked in the TOP FREAKING TEN in the country!  Their only loss is to MCA's Blue Devils, who, by the way, are the #1 team in the nation and undefeated.  I had become somewhat of a Tubby doubter, but maybe, just maybe, he needed 5 years to get all of his own players into the program.  They lead the nation in Offensive Rebounding and are playing defense with their hair on fire so far.  Rodney Williams has become a well-rounded player, Mbakwe is an absolute beast in the paint (and a double-double machine), and the Hollins "twins" provide the strong backcourt the team has been lacking in previous years (especially with Al Nolen's problems).  Throw in Hopkins Royal Joe Coleman and you've got a rugged starting 5.  The bench is serviceable, with several veteran guys who can play good minutes if needed.  Dre Hollins seems to be the default "go to" guy, but it's the type of team where a different guy steps up every night (see Coleman's 29 points at Illinois).  At this point, if they stay healthy and don't tire out down the stretch, this is at least a Sweet 16 team, if not Elite 8.

To carry on a prior thread...this was seriously one of the best Holiday Seasons in MN sports history (and yes, the NU bowl win was fantastic).  Even the football Gophers exceeded expectations and had Texas Tech on the ropes!  Great to see the Hockey Gophers return to their rightful place at the top.

January 6, 2013

A Season in Review - The Purple

Dispense with the idea that we were suppose to be terrible this year because in this league change happens overnight (see: RG3, Luck etc.). A rebuilding year was kicked into high gear by unreal play by AP and a better than expected defensive secondary. Hope springs eternal,we'll be back next year. Hopefully with a receiver and a couple additions to our defensive front 4. Skol.

January 3, 2013

FTLOSBW Prediction Segment - Leia picks Vikes

Predictions rolling in for Saturdays game as Princess Leia takes the Vikes citing AP's dominance and "the Force being with the Vikes this year." Leia also said that Green Bay is a "bunch of pussies who has fans one gene away from being total retards."

January 2, 2013

FTLOSBW - Feel the Excitement Grow in Your Pants

What does a blog about Minnesota sports say after one of the most emotional wins ever?  I'm at a loss.  I think the smile on Joe Webb's face and his excitement says it all during this breakdown.

So excited. Can't wait for Saturday night. Everyone is doubting us.  Keep it up. We'll show you, just you.

December 27, 2012

FTLOSBW - Get Your Balls Out

Vikes v. Pack with everything on the line. Winners embrace these games, losers can only dream of them too scared to welcome the challenge. We're not your fathers football team, were not the football team of our past 38 years. It's a new day, All Day, for he is the Chosen One.

In the words of U2 -

I was on the inside
When they pulled the four walls down
I was looking through the window
I was lost, I am found.

It's time, AP, it is time.

December 23, 2012

FTLOSBW to AP: Will you Marry Us?

Well, it's t-minus AP, and I want to go on the record with an admission and/or a proposal.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gay marriage and the constitutional import of Minnesota's recent decision to not allow gay marriage to be banned, or something, (to be fair, this sports blogger did not really follow the issue, because, well, he doesn't give a shit) I think we can all agree that this group should agree to gay marry Adrian Peterson.

While it's not exactly about gay marriage as much as it is about just being in AP's life, and him being in ours, I do think it's an important test of our commitment to the institution of marriage and to the Vikings' success.  Don't get me wrong, i would gladly bed AP at his will if he continues to rush for 175 yards per game and drives us into the playoffs, and would certainly film BG having his lower cavity owned by him and posted on various fantasy sports and porn sites, but not because i'm gay,  just because it'd hurt aaron rodgers even indirectly. I think i speak for Jan when i say it's open season on a full on polygamous orgy of manly love in exchange for just one shot at an AP driven, record breaking playoff run.  

Is everyone in on this?  I need to know for the marriage certificate and for the condoms.  It's the least we can do. 

Soooooo, AP, will you marry FTLOSBW?  Seriously, marry us.   We need this.

December 21, 2012

FTLOSBW Xmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas please bring me -

Adrian Peterson breaking the rushing record leading the Vikes to the playoffs and ultimately a Superbowl win.


December 17, 2012

FTLOSBW - Playoff Hunt Continues

How excited are you?  I mean honestly?  You're watching AP take over games.  A running back in Purple.  I think the success is now out of our hands and is in AP's and God's hands.  Yes, lots of things have to happen to get in the post-season but I think there is plan for all of this that is bigger than all of us except for AP, it's his destiny now. 


December 14, 2012

Chris Kluwe is a douche

Further evidence that everyone is tired of Kluwe. I told DTK this months ago.

Unfortunately he is signed for a bunch more years. Ugh. Hes best know for playing world of warcraft and his stance on gay marriage and not being an awesome kicker. This idiot also said that rich people like him should pay more in taxes, I say what's holding you back, go ahead and write a check to the Treasury department.

Lets focus on kicking a football, Chris. Nobody cares about your views on anything. I'd cut him.

December 12, 2012

In furtherance of the AP post below...

A right and proper appreciation for Adrian Peterson here: I also love how the writer gets at the self-loathing and sense of inadequacy, and acknowledges the Packer jealousy, that all come with being a Vikes fan.