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December 17, 2012

FTLOSBW - Playoff Hunt Continues

How excited are you?  I mean honestly?  You're watching AP take over games.  A running back in Purple.  I think the success is now out of our hands and is in AP's and God's hands.  Yes, lots of things have to happen to get in the post-season but I think there is plan for all of this that is bigger than all of us except for AP, it's his destiny now. 



Blogger BG said...

Guys - I have to say that having a competitive football team that is playing relevant games in December makes for a better holiday season. I got the rare opportunity to watch the Vikes game in its entirety yesterday...and man, AP is just amazing. I need to go read that Grantland article, but there is really nothing more we can say about the guy. He is other-worldly.

As Jan says, he may single-handedly bring us to the playoffs. In short, here's what needs to happen:

1) Vikes have to win out. Though ironically, I was playing with the ESPN "playoff machine" and we can still make it at 9-7, but would need tons of help. Most important game to win is vs. Green Bay in two weeks. The game vs. Houston will be tough, but they just clinched their division, so it's possible they'll let down. There is a decent chance that the packers have nothing to play for in Week 17, which would be AWESOME for us.

2) The NY Giants need to lose one more game. The result would be that, most likely, the winner of the Dallas/Redskins game in week 17 takes the NFC East, and the runner-up misses the playoffs (because they'd be 9-7, along with the Giants).

That's it. Simple, right? Let's go 1-0 this week vs. Houston. Also, root for the 49ers to beat the Seahawks, as that would all but assure them the #2 seed behind Atlanta, thereby locking Green Bay into the #3 seed prior to our game, rendering it meaningless for them (which means they could potentially rest Rodgers and other key guys).

December 17, 2012 at 12:54 PM


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