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April 4, 2013


Wow, things must be getting really bad out there if I actually post consecutive entries to this blog.  Figured it was time to post some random thoughts:

1) Still haven't seen Kevin Ware's injury, and don't plan on watching it.

2) Twins just took 2 of 3 from Detroit, with a couple solid pitching performances, actually.  Still expect them to lose 90 games, but it's kinda nice to take the first series.

3) Just when you thought the White Sox couldn't get any less likable...they do this.  They really are the worst.

4) Pitino's boy hired as the Gopher coach.  MCA and I disagree slightly on Tubby's firing, but I think this hire, while risky, has a potentially huge upside.  His limited experience came with Billy Donovan and his Dad.  I can think of worse training grounds.  Also, folks are already saying he'll bolt if he starts winning.  I say, so what.  I'd rather the Gophers be a stepping stone job than a job where guys get fired every 5-6 years.  I didn't realize this, but 2 of the TOP TEN recruits in the nation are Twin Cities guys (Tyus Jones - Apple Valley, Rashard Vaughn - Cooper, I think).

5) Gopher Hockey bounced in the first round of the NCAA tournament?!?  Whaaaat?  By Yale??  Double-whaaaaat?  

6) All quiet on the Vikings front.  Love the Jennings signing, and hoping they can bring Winfield back (looking more and more possible).

7) People are saying the Yankees might finish in last place this season.  How great would that be?  If Boston misses the playoffs too, this could be an entertaining year after all!

OK, boring post is done.  Just trying for some chatter...


Blogger MCA said...

Nearly two weeks later...

Twins will suck. Their pitching staff is a bad joke, and I miss those days when we could roll out two new guys from Rochester every season and they'd turn out to be solid big league pitchers, bolstered by Santana. Now the tap has run dry and we've long since ceased to have an ace. Hard to watch.

I'm fully on board with Pitino, Jr. Successful in his short head coaching stint, supposedly gave his dad the idea for a high screen wrinkle that completely flummoxed my favorite team in the Final 8 game, obviously has learned from some good teachers.

I think there's a third highly rated recruit in Minne right now, too. Don't recall the name, think he's at De la Salle. Wouldn't be shocked if we don't get any of them, but Tubby wasn't going to get any of them, anyway. As long as they don't go Bucky.

Hockey tourney was complete suckage this year. At least SCSt. made their first (I think) Frozen Four; and I'm OK with an Ivy winning it. Certainly beats some Masshole team. But what a dud of a Frozen Four lineup. Not only no tradional powers, but no traditional also-rans, even. Just complete nobodies of programs, nationally speaking. It would be like Creighton, Dayton, St. Mary's and Tennessee in the Final Four in basketball.

April 16, 2013 at 12:09 PM


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